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Great all year round, but very effective during Halloween. Pilots have called us to complain that they have gotten tickets for causing traffic while flying their Witch. On a windy day, she will practically stop right in front of you and just float as she taunts you with her sinister sneer. Witch Wilga is incredibly easy to fly and takes to the air with ease.

Flight Performance: Witch Wilga is hand launched and takes to the sky easily. With the huge wing area, she will float and come to a virtual stop in mid air. Sky can do high speed dives and even loops. Since Witch Wilga is such a floater, anyone can easily fly her with just rudder and elevator controls. Landings are also easy, just remember that throttle is needed as the elevator has very little effect at low speeds.. She comes down slow and our landing gear will let you touch down, and protect your engine and prop.

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Wing Span: 72″ Chord: 32″ Weight: 6.0-7.0 lbs.

Channels: 3 Engine: .46-.61 two stroke .53-.72 four stroke

Building: Witch Wilga is easy to build, even for a beginner. Check out the [download id=”5″ format=”1″] to get an idea of how simple she is to assemble. The design is straight forward and only requires simple hobby tools and glues. A complete fully illustrated instruction manual guides you step by step through the building process. The sail (wing) is all sewn and ready to fly, and the body, arms, legs and head are laser cut and ready for finishing and final assembly. The kit can be built and ready to fly in less time than many ARF’s!

Included with Kit: Laser cut coroplast body, arms, head, and legs. Laser cut lite ply. Fully illustrated step by step imanual, full hardware kit (Landing gear, screws, bolts, nuts, fittings, etc…)

Required to Complete: 3-4 channel radio controller, engine (40-61 two stroke or .45-.72 four stroke), wheels & collars, pushrods, motor mount, hobby glues/epoxy, and basic hobby tools.

Conclusions: Witch Wilga is a sure bet during Halloween or any other Fun Fly. She incredibly easy to assemble and fly. Watch as people are amazed at how steady she is in the air. One pilot even got a ticket for obstructing traffic when cars on the highway stopped in amazement just to watch Witch Wilga flying around.

Flying Witch Wilga Strikes AGAIN!

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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 36 × 4 in


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