Flying Dog House


Wing Span: 24″ Weight: 6.0 – 7.0 lbs.

There’s a new dog in town. Everyone said it would never fly well. We’ve proved them wrong. This airplane, yes, airplane will fly just as well as any other in your fleet. Not only will it fly well, it is also capable of doing many advanced aerobatic maneuvers. To top that off, who wouldn’t love to watch a dog house fly with the dog as the pilot on top. This is a definite winner at any air show.

The Dog House Kit now comes with White Walls and Red Roof

Description: When we started this project, we only had a few goals in mind. Create a kit that is simple to assembly, fun to fly, fully aerobatic and durable. Many people told us that this particular kit will never do any of those things. Boy did we prove them wrong. Although it took us over a year of research and development, we finally created the kit that met each and every single goal.

Flight Performance: Just like any airplane, simply add throttle and pull back on the elevator once you have obtained enough speed. The Dog House is very predictable during flight and has no unusual tendencies. It is fully aerobatic and capable of performing anything you dish out at it. It will also fly at crawling speeds without tip stalling: the controls will get mushy during extremely slow flight, but this is not an unusual reaction to any airplane at slow speeds. Landings are as simple as take offs, simply slow the airplane down for a smooth touchdown.

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Included with Kit: Over 270″ of carbon fiber rod, CNC cut foam, laser cut balsa and lite-ply and plastic parts, step by step photo illustrated manual, landing gear, screws, bolts, nuts, fittings, control horns, nose gear.

The Dog House Kit now comes with White Walls and Red Roof

Required to Complete: 4 channel radio controller (with elevon or “V” tail mixing), engine (.46 -- .61 two stroke or .51 -- .72 four stroke), fuel tank, pushrods, wheels, prop, glues, and basic hobby tools.

Building: Like all our other kits, this one is extremely easy to assemble. Novices and experts alike will not have a problem putting this kit together. Our completely illustrated manual takes you step by step through the entire assembly process. Every step is outlined so that even the least skilled builder will be able to complete the kit successfully.

Conclusions: The Flying Dog House is simply to assemble. It flies just like any other pattern plane on the market. It is capable of many aerobatic maneuvers. It is extremely strong and can take a beating. Easy to assembly, fun to fly, fully aerobatic and durable. Damn right we met all our goals.

Who let the DOGS out! Flying Dog House

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 36 × 4 in


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