Flag Ship .40


Wing Span: 24.5″ Chord: 29″ Weight: 5.5-6.0 lbs.

Channels: 4 Engine: .40-.61 two stroke .45-.72 four stroke

Included with Kit: Laser cut coroplast parts, balsa and lite ply. CNC cut foam wing core and elevons. US Flag self adhesive, precut vinyl covering. Fully illustrated step by step instruction manual. Full hardware package (landing gear, screws, bolts, nuts, fittings, control horns, wheel collars, etc…)

Required to Complete: 4 channel radio controller (with elevon or “V” tail mixing), engine (40-61 two stroke or .45-.72 four stroke), fuel tank, pushrods, wheels, prop, covering material, glues, and basic hobby tools.

Building: The Flag Ship is incredibly easy to assembly. Check out the [download id=”6″ format=”1″] for details on this build project. With the included step by step fully illustrated manual walks you through every phase of the assembly process.

Conclusions: Every air show should start with the presentation of the national flag. Nothing will bring out the crowds patriotism like their national flag flying higher than ever over their heads.

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I’ve never seen a show start without the traditional raising of the flag and the singing of the Star Spangled Banner. Take it a step further and have the flag soaring over the crowd. No one has ever seen the flag fly so high. With Uncle Sam as the pilot, no show should start without one. The Flagship likes to fly fast but tracks like it’s on rails.

Flight Performance: Just like any other airplane in your arsenal, simply apply throttle and pull back on the elevator once the flag is up to speed. At high speeds the Flag tracks like it’s on rails. With the elevons, virtually any aerobatic maneuver is possible. Landings are come in hot, but with the tricycle gear, handling on the ground is just as impressive as it is in the air.


Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 36 × 4 in


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