Sky Cutter .40 V2  $109.99
Wing Span: 24.5"  Chord:  29" Weight: 5.5 - 6.0 lbs.
Covering Material Not Included (Optional)

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Sky Cutter Video

Sky Cutter Video - 5Mb .wmv

Sky Cutter Manual

Indy Car Manual - 1.5Mb .pdf
Included with Kit:  CNC cut foam, laser cut balsa and lite-ply, full size plans, step by step photo illustrated manual, landing gear, screws, bolts, nuts, fittings, control horns, and nose gear.
Required to Complete:  4 channel radio controller (with elevon or "V" tail mixing), engine (40-61 two stroke or .45-.72 four stroke), fuel tank, pushrods, wheels, prop, covering material, glues, and basic hobby tools.
Building:  While the Sky Cutter may look a little bit different, the construction techniques used are the same as most other planes. The average modeler will have no problem.  The instruction manual details the whole build process step by step.  To view our online manual, click here.  An average modeler should have no problem assembling the Sky Cutter.
Flight Performance:  Take offs are a breeze as the Sky Cutter takes to the air with ease.  Simply apply power and pull up slightly on the controllers once speed has built up.  High speed or slow, the Sky Cutter can fly at any speed and still retain a constant and steady flight path.  Landings require a little finesse as the Sky Cutter will come in at a high alpha angle.  With a combination of power and elevator, it will touch down softly.
Conclusions:  The Sky Cutter is fun and easy to build.  With top quality laser cut balsa, plastic and plywood; beautiful CNC cut foam cores and parts, it is the ultimate high tech kit!  All in all you can't find a plane that gets you more attention, is as fun to fly, and rare as this one.


Green Covering Kit  $49.99
Self Adhesive Pre-Cut Vinyl Covering for the Sky Cutter .40 V2

Red Covering Kit  $49.99
Self Adhesive Pre-Cut Vinyl Covering for the Sky Cutter .40 V2

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